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IT Asset Management Audit is very necessary to protect the assets of the organization from any sort of fraud or theft. The process includes the review of various systems in order to detect and prevent security risks. It is very important for all the organizations and business to have an effective control over the assets to avoid any sort of problems or frauds. This can be done through categorizing the assets and the security risks, then analyzing them. It also involves implementing the strategies in order to avoid any sort of issues in future.

it asset management audit

It is very important to have the complete information about the assets of your organization so that it can handle the security and safety of the valuable assets. This is the major reason of conducting a thorough IT asset management audit. IT Asset Management Audit includes the reviews and inspections of the systems and networks as well as the identification of the required technology to provide the solution for the problems. Various software tools are used for performing this audit. A thorough inspection of all the systems of IT helps in performing a proper asset management.

There are various ITAM tools used for performing this type of audits. A complete report of all the audits performed is provided by the ITAM team to the concerned personnel so that they can make the correct decisions and fix the problems. The main ITAM tools include the System Management Audit, the Security Management Audit, the Information Technology Security Audits and the Service Decision Reviews.

it asset management audit

The system management audit is one of the major tasks performed by the ITAM team. This helps to identify the problems in the existing ITIL processes and also in the future planning to make the necessary corrections. This helps in increasing the productivity, reducing costs, providing a high level of service and preventing any sort of accidents. In this process the root cause of the problem is investigated through the execution of a series of commands. The software applications of each department in the organization and the servers are scanned with these commandlets and their reports are analyzed.

Security audits include testing for security, detecting vulnerabilities in the software applications and analyzing the procedures followed in the deployment of the software. Auditing of the security process begins with the review of the installation and creation of the system. Any flaws in the process are found and the appropriate corrections are made. The process of deploying the application and its logs is also reviewed. If any ITIL processes are found to be incorrect, then it is suggested to immediately replace them and carry on the audit with the help of updated ITIL tools.

The next step in the audit is manual verification and validation of the documentation provided in the software packages. Manual verification helps in checking the compliance of the policies in use and the procedures followed in the execution of the tasks. Validation of the data and documents obtained from the server and the software application is done by running a series of tests. The results of the tests are used in identifying areas of improvement that should be made in the future.

The use case modeling and planning are another area of ITIL that needs attention during an audit. This is a set of activities that aim at describing the use case or the business requirement in more detail. This helps the IT manager in designing better procedures in future, based on the description of the possible use cases. Audits conducted on this process help in identifying which aspects of the procedure can be automated and which can require manual work.

If you want to find out more about IT Asset Management Audit, you can hire the services of a consultant who is specialized in these processes. For small organizations and midsize companies, it is best to let's look at some of the popular audited products. While choosing one, you should keep a few things in mind. You should ensure that the product you have chosen has the right features that will provide you with maximum benefits. If the product has only basic features, then you will waste your time and money and even if you use all the features, it will still not be able to give you the desired results.


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